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1 November
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I'm a 17 year old boy with a supple ass. I live in the worst racially.... well, it's fucking racist as all hell here. I go to Anderson High, which is hell in itself because I'm pretty sure all the teachers get drunk in the Staff Room. I like punk rock. I share punk rock ideas. I do punk rock things. I sometimes shout "OMG PUNX!". I live with my father and sister. The former gives me money to go away when he gets plastered as all hell. The money he gives me usually isnt enough, so I use his credit card and buy some awezomez stuff off of interpunk. I fucking hate emo with a passion, but I cannot stand when people beat them because they are "diffrent" or "sad" I hate it because it is just so soul-crushing and depressing to hear about how women suck and when you get sad enough, you achive the ability to cry black. I have also come to the conclusion that it is the most sexist thing to come out of the media since Ann Coulture, because if you think about it, why is it always the women who are to blame for screwing up the relationships? And have you ever seen an emo band with a female vocalist? No? Didnt think so... Anyways, I like Ken and Johnny. Like, more then friends.... *twirls hair* I also go to shows and mosh. Sometimes I get mosh withdrawls and ask people if they want to kick my ass. I am running out of things to say on this, so.... Yeah.